Nadja Hallström’s work focuses primarily on the artistic expression within photography – Her work spans within the fields of wild horses, portraits and personal projects.
Nadja grew up in Stockholm within a family of a rich art tradition.
Upon finishing her studies at GFU and Fotoskolan in 2003 she travelled and lived in New York, Havana, Berlin and in Greece. Now she lives in Stockholm and is working as a freelance photographer.
Her photography has been exhibit at various galleries in different countries from Sweden, Germany, England, France and US. In Sweden her work has been shown at Galleri Kontrast, Center of photography and MOMA – Modern of Museum of Art Stockholm.
As a commercial photographer she has worked for a wide range of institutions and cultural establishments.
Nadja´s images has been published and distributed widely in international and Swedish media amongst them Le Monde (France), IO DONNA (Italy), Daydream Magazine (London), Ex-Berliner (Germany), DN, Ottar, Situation Stockholm, Swedish Film, Modern Psykologi, Rädda Barnen, Filter etc.
Nadja´s other credentials include working as a still photographer within film. Here she also works with images around like artist’s portraits and images for PR. She is also widely assigned for portrait photography for book companies.

For assignments or to buy prints contact Nadja Hallström at:
+46 739 32 31 28 Stockholm
+1 929 390 9399 New York